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The Bagel Shop

Family owned since 2015, The Bagel Shop brings to the table the best of best in flavors, freshness, care and a cozy enviroment for you and your family to come, have breakfast, pick some bagels a delicius cream cheese. 

Originally from Costa Rica, Don Freddy Navarro has been in the industry since 1996 working hard to produce the best bagels in town, fresh coffee, and lunch options that are both tempting and delicious.

If you live or are visiting Brewster, visit us and take home a flavor that you won't forget too easily.

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Don Freddy Navarro

Bag of Bagels

The best in town.

At The Bagel Shop you have all kind of flavors of Bagels to choose. Freshly made, when you come to pick them up they are ready to go! 

Jelly and Peanut Butter, different flavors of Cream Cheese, Butter, Bacon, Eggs, Saussage all the combinations are just great with our proudly made 


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Jump Start Your Day with a Cold Brew